The Way to Find and Install 7.3 Head Studs on Ford Trucks Right Away

You may have to replace on your Ford truck for the first time. Some people are difficult to find and replace the old head studs with new ones. Read this information so you know how to replace the studs and the place to buy this product right away.

Where Can You Find 7.3 Head Studs for Ford Trucks

7.3 head studs are a little bit difficult to find because Ford Motor Company replaced them with a new version. The good thing is that you can find this product online. You can go to a specific online store, such as Norcal Diesel Performance to get the head studs you need. This store offers a variety of head studs and Powerstroke kits, including TrackTech head studs for Ford trucks.

The Reason to Take TrackTech 7.3 Head Studs

There are several reasons why Ford truck owners use TrackTech 7.3 head studs for their trucks. One of the reasons is because this product has up to 240.000 PSI. It is the highest tensile strength in the automotive industry. The manufacturer even takes several credible tests, including UTM machine test and validation, Lab test, bench test, street test, and strip test. It verifies that the head studs follow the standards. This product is also better and more affordable compared to the head studs that only have 180.000 to 210.000 PSI.

How To Install 7.3 Head Studs 

Make sure that you clean and inspect the parts you want to replace on the truck. This process helps to know if there is damage, defect, or other issues. You also have to clean all threads in the block to get an accurate torque reading. Hand tightens the studs on the block. You don’t have to tighten them completely in this step.

Now, install the cylinder head. Make sure that it doesn’t misalign or binding. Lubricate the stud threads before installing the washer and nuts to the studs. Tighten the studs based on the right torque sequence. You don’t need to get confused to decide the right torque sequence to install the studs maximally. TrackTech includes the list of the torque sequence on the package.

The Right Installation Sequence

The right installation sequence consists of three steps. The first step is by tightening the studs to 45 ft-lbs. Then, you also have to tighten the studs to 85 ft-lbs. The last step is tightening the studs to 125 ft-lbs. Make sure that you are tightening the 7.3 head studs by using the diagramed sequence.

Test the truck once you finish the installation. Verify that the truck has a good start after the replacement process. If it is so, you are successfully replacing the damaged head studs with the TrackTech new 7.3 head studs.

The information solves your problems about looking for the head studs for your Ford truck. You also learn how to install the 7.3 head studs, so you can do it by yourself correctly. The most important thing is that you can drive your truck as before after the replacement.