5 Common 1911 Holsters That Keep You Bring A Gun Safely

Police officers or gun owners need to have a 1911 Holster. The purpose of using a holster is to keep the gun safe wherever it is. Manufacturers support this product with a specific design that can protect and cover the trigger of the gun or pistol. You can use one of the several types of holsters available in the market.

IWB Holsters

Like its name, pistol owners wear an IWB 1911 holster or Inside the Waistband holster inside the waistband. The exact location is in your pants or waist. The standard position is on the hip that allows you to take the gun as quickly as you can. People who put on an IWB holster often use a long shirt or jacket to cover the gun. This holster is considered a concealed carry. You only use it in urgent conditions.

OWB Holsters

An OWB holster or Outside the Waistband holster is the opposite of IWB holsters. You still use it around the waist but secure it to the side of your belt. The position of the holster is also around the hip, so you can easily take the gun immediately.

OWB holsters are suitable for both concealed carry or open carry. You can use this holster when you are ready to ambush. The idea is to take the gun right away to secure the area. On-duty police officers often use an OWB holster. You also have to pick the best belt material to hold the holster tightly.

Shoulder Holsters

You only have to attach this holster to a harness that goes over the shoulders. The position of the gun is under your arm. Put the gun oppositely to your dominant hand, so you can easily pull the gun if it is needed. It is a good option for those who need a left handed 1911 holster. You also have to choose the right clothing. Ensure that there is enough room for the holster without seeing that you bring something inside the clothes.

Drop Leg Holsters

Unlike an IWB and OWB 1911 Holster, you are about to attach a drop leg holster to the upper leg. Manufacturers support this product with a belt loop and straps, so it fits your leg. It is an open carry holster and is often used by law enforcement, military personnel, and shooting competition. Hunters and hikers also use this holster.

The idea is that you can take the gun on your leg even if you are moving. Some drop leg holsters are made from polymer to keep the product durable and flexible to use. The manufacturers use stiff nylon weave for the loop. There is also a docking that retains the gun in the position until you take it.

Ankle Holsters

You can even put a gun around the lower leg by using an ankle holster. Police officers or gun owners often wrap an ankle holster around the ankle or foot and lower leg to hide a gun. They often use this holster to put a backup gun.

You can’t take the gun right away as when you put a gun in an IWB or OWB holster. Users use the gun when running out of bullets after using the gun in the IWB or OWB holster.

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