Shows 2 Main Reasons Why Media Nav Evolution is Worth It to Use

You may look for the best MN2 software for your vehicle audio system. If so, Media Nav Evolution can be one of your options. gives you a lot of insights to upgrade the audio and video system on your vehicles. So, why does this website choose Media Nav Evolution as one of the best MN2 software?

The Benefits of Using Media Nav Evolution

Media Nav Evolution is a well-known product, so it will be easy for users to install and adjust this product. This software is also compatible with several third-party navigations. Users can also use a variety of programs, including Navitel, 7Ways, and OziExplorer due to the use of the latest system ID.

Customizing the brightness of the screen is also straightforward. You only have to click the month icon on the upper left of the main screen. You can also reset the software to the factory settings anything you have a problem with it. Best of all, the sound quality is better now since the developer has fixed the sound loss issue in IGO.

Easy to Install

When you read an article about Media Nav Evolution at, you will also learn that people prefer to use it because this software is easy to install. For example, you want to install this software on your Windows PC. You only need to download the software files, such as #README.txt, some screens, photos preview, and upgrade.lgu. Continue the process using a USB stick 2.0 or 3.0. Format the software by FAT32 and directly paste on the main storage. That’s it! The software is ready to use.

The installation process is also easy when you want to install Media Nav Evolution on the car Navi port. You only have to start the engine on. Launch the Media Nav and insert the USB stick into the input slot. Find the update button and push it. Wait for the installation process. The Media Nav will restart once the installation process is done. Ensure that you don’t stop the engine during the installation process. Take out the USB stick only when you see the exact date it onto the screen. It means your latest Media Nav software is ready to use.

It shows that Media Nav Evolution is good to support the audio and video system on your vehicle. Read the updated news about Media Nav Evolution and others at