5 Essential Tips about Shipping Car to Hawaii

Shipping car to Hawaii will never be an easy task because you have to transport the car from the mainland to the island. You can easily drive your car to the new location as long as it is still on the mainland. However, you do not have any other choice but to ship your car to Hawaii. These tips will help you handle the car shipment to Hawaii better.

Cheapest Way to Ship Your Car to Hawaii

You might be asking about the cheapest way to ship your car to Hawaii. In this circumstance, you can simply drive your car to a port where you can find a shipping company. Once your car arrives at the port, the company will put your car on a ship. Your ship will also be dropped off at the destination port and park it. It means that you will also need to pick your car up yourself in Hawaii. This option can help you save a lot of money, especially if you are living not far from a West Coast port.

Hire Someone

What if you are not living near a West Coast port? Can you find another cheap option to ship your car to Hawaii? Well, the next option might be cheaper than the first one, but at least you can find a much more expensive option to ship your car to Hawaii. You just need to hire someone to transport your car from your current living place to a port. It will be cheaper, particularly if you are living on the East Coast. The main purpose of this option is to deliver your car to the destination port. You can choose to pick it up yourself or have it delivered to your house in Hawaii.

Car in a Container

You can also consider Shipping car to Hawaii in a container, especially if you have a plan to ship a container. It can be a simpler and more efficient option for many people. However, you also have to remember that shipping your car in a container might change the overall moving cost because you need to perform special care before it can be packed in the container. The container shipment price can also change when you include a car. Shipping your car in a container means that there will be less space in the container to put your household items.

Necessary Documentation

You can feel free to choose the car shipping options to Hawaii that can meet your requirements and budget. However, you always have to prepare the necessary documentation for any shipment option. You need to prepare the vehicle title or lien holder authorization letter. You must not forget about your current vehicle registration and picture ID, as well.

Car Preparation

Preparing documentation is not enough because you also have to prepare your car. To safely ship your car, the shipping company might want to make sure that your car gas tank is not more than ¼ full during the shipment. You also need to disconnect the alarm system on your car before shipment. It is better if you have two sets of keys to avoid problems during Shipping car to Hawaii.