5 Easy Steps to Use Parking Malaga Parking Space Service

Finding a parking area at Malaga airport is easier today due to the Parking Malaga service. This service is offered by Parking San Juan. The focus is to help car owners who have to park their car at Malaga airport immediately and safely. The information below explains the steps to book a parking area at Malaga airport.

Select the Parking Date and Time 

Visit the official website and find a page to rent a parking area. Then, select the parking date and time. The system will ensure whether the date and time you want to book are available or not. Don’t forget to include the date and time you want to take your car and leave the parking area.

Select the Parking Space 

Continue the booking process by selecting the parking space once the entry and exit date and time are available. Choose the best parking space just like what you want as long as it is available. The customer service will show you the map of the parking space, along with the booked and available areas. You can choose the parking area based on the access to the airport or the easiness to move the car.

Submit Your Detail 

You should submit your detail after determining the date, time, and parking space you want to rent. airport Parking Malaga service needs your information to validate the one who will book the parking area.

It is easy for them to report and record anything dealing with the parking process, including protecting the car. During the process, only you or the owner of the car can take out the car from the parking space. The team needs to check the data of the renter and the one who wants to take out the car.

You Get a Booking Summary 

In this step, you have a parking area at Malaga airport now. This service will send your booking summary. The content is the detail of your booking data. Recheck the points on the summary. Ensure that all of them are correct. Call customer service if there is something wrong. Approve the summary when all points are right.

Use Your Parking Area at Malaga Airport 

Go to the Malaga airport parking area according to the date and time you registered before. Show your booking summary to the Parking Malaga officer. They will check the summary and show you the parking space you have booked. Park your car there and take it based on the exit date and time.