4 Reasons Why You Should Call topdogwrapteam.com Instead of Wrapping Your Vehicle and Fleet Yourself

Wrapping your vehicle or fleet is a solution to makeover them right away. The process is also easier compared to repainting them. Because of that, some people often wrap their vehicles and fleet by themselves.

Too bad, it ends up with disappointment. Call topdogwrapteam.com if you don’t want to feel the same thing. Before that, check the reason why you shouldn’t wrap your vehicle or fleet by yourself.

Peeling Edges

Peeling edges is one of the most common issues when you wrap your vehicle or fleet by yourself. It often happens because you don’t properly clean the surface from oils, film, dust, and debris before wrapping. The dirt on the surface hinders the adhesive from sticking entirely. This issue also happens because of the wrinkles during the wrapping process or improper heating process.

Bad Trimming Process 

You should trim off the excess adhesive once the wrap attaches to the vehicle’s surface. You need a steady hand to prevent any errors. Any errors lead you to start the job over again. On the worse level, the wrap may damage the vehicle’s surface. It means you have to spend a lot of money to fix it. You can postpone your plan to wrap your vehicle by yourself now and call  topdogwrapteam.com to handle it.


It is also another common issue when wrapping your vehicle by yourself. This issue happens because of incorrect heating, overstretching of the adhesive, or installing it in a hot climate area. Most vehicle owners don’t consider this factor before wrapping their vehicles or fleets. As a result, they have to be disappointed with the final result. This issue is also hard to fix. There is a possibility that it damages the vehicle’s surface.

Cutting Corners 

Amateur vehicle wraps also failed because of the cutting corner problem. They choose to cut corners to finish the wrapping process instead of removing vehicle components. On the other hand, removing vehicle components, such as bumpers, headlights, and door handles is so crucial to the success of the process.

Imagine how long and exhausting it would be if you have to remove all the components. A professional and experienced wrapping team will know which parts they have to remove when wrapping a vehicle. The process will be more effective. The result will be perfect.

It is why you should call an expert such as topdogwrapteam.com to handle vehicle and fleet wrapping projects. At least, you can enjoy the result immediately and limit unwanted risks during the process.