3 Krypteia Program Variations to Get a Result as Spartan Men

Krypteia program is one of the recommended training you can try to boost stamina and health. It was used by Spartan men to show that they are worthy to be a soldier. Due to the effective result, some coaches use this program to train their athletes. They often use this training program for a large group of athletes around 20 to 70 or even more. Here is the details of the Krypteia program.


Warming up is a crucial step before applying to this program. Ensure that you do a proper warm-up to prevent injury. It is because you are about to do a series of jumps and gymnastics. You will also do the training for 5 repetitions in 30 minutes.

Jumps and Squat  

After completing warm-up training, you have to continue this Krypteia program by jumping and doing the main lift. The main lift is squat. Each coach can set and repeat. For example, you can complete the FSL or the reps on the supplemental work, such as squat 3 to 10 times. Then, continue the training by doing presses for 10 to 20 times. Kirk rows with a trap bar is another exercise you can do in this program. 10 to 20 times are enough to complete the training session.

Warm Up and Bench Press

You can also do another exercise, such as a bench press. Remember to start this exercise with a proper warm-up. The next to do is the bench press. You can do this exercise 3 to 10 times. DB squat is the second exercise in the Krypteia program. Increase the repetition by 10 to 20 times. Ensure that you still have stamina because you should do DB incline row. You can do this exercise 10 to 20 times.

Warm Up and Deadlift 

This training program is also perfect with the deadlift. Start the exercise by doing a warm-up or jump. It also uses three different exercises, which are deadlift, DR incline press, and curls. 3 to 5 times is enough for the deadlift. You can increase the repetitions 10 to 20 times for the DB incline press and curls.

The Effect of the Krypteia Program 

The benefit of doing the Krypteia program is to improve strength or hypertrophy. The result varies based on the condition of the athletes and the training program set by the coach. For a maximal result, the coach should observe the athletes while doing this program. Then, continue the process by adjusting the rest time, reps, exercise, and set based on the data. Check the readiness of the athletes to decide the best Krypteia program set and repetition. The more coaches understand the need of their athletes, the more maximum the result is.

The most important thing is that you should do the Krypteia program regularly based on the schedule. You may see the result of this program after a few weeks or months. It shows whether you will be like a Sparta troop or not. This exercise also shows the significant difference before and after applying the Krypteia program for health, stamina, and strength, and other elements.