The Number one Body repair, Da-Les Auto Body

January 15, 2019 by No Comments

As the car owner buying with the hard struggle, surely wants our car always in the excellent condition and the body is always as smooth as when first purchased. However, sometimes unfortunate fate cannot be denied, either because of their own negligence or due to other people do not be careful and we have accident or collisions that make our cars become dented.

When that happens, of course, we want our cars to be able to return to its original shape and smooth again. To achieve these desires, so it is absolute for us to find out the reliable car body repair and the work is satisfactory. And it can be found in the Da-Les Auto Body.

Da-Les Auto Body, an auto body repair shop located in Sunnyvale, California which was founded in 1978, and since then it has always tried to be a place of car body repair which is damaged due to the hit or collision by using the leading technique and the best material in handling the cars that become its patient.

The cars which came have different level of damage. There were only minor dents, and there are very severe. But by applying high standards in the working of car repair that enters to the body repair shop, various levels of damage can be overcome, and the end result can restore the body of the car back as it was before the collision. The result is certainly very satisfying consumers who come to them.

The results of this hard work, makes Da-Les Auto Body awarded their 23rd 5-star review on Yelp. Assessment given by customers and they are satisfied with the work of auto body repair. And as a company in Sunnyvale area known as the provider of the leading car repair services, Da-Les Auto Body

Over the last 3 years, Da-Les Auto Body Repair has been set as the number one’s repair facility of car body by Consumer Business Review and received an award from the City of Sunnyvale for “Outstanding Commitment to the Environment Protection”. And over the years, this company continues to strive to always improve its service to customers by continually updating the techniques and materials used in body repair using the latest technology. And they always use the most modern equipments whose the latest development are always updated. Surely the human resources of all employees are highly trained to operate the various equipments.

This strong dedication to quality and excellence has put Da-Les Auto Body repair in the elite ranks of automotive enthusiasts. And it appears to be an auto body repair company which is authorized for vehicles produced in Japan, Europe and America.

You can relax in the office of Da-Les, while waiting for the mechanics to assess the damage level of your vehicle. Nor provided various kinds of foods and beverages, and if you want to work while waiting, in Da-Les Auto Body is connected with Wifi service with guaranteed speed.

To find out more about Da-Les Auto Body, you can visit the website, there you will find a detailed description of the company and a lot of photos displayed describing their working process and final result which is awesome. Do not forget Da-Les Auto Body includes a hotline services that you can call to ask for information that you wish to find out more.