Do Your Research: Common Car Repair Scams By Your Local Mechanic

February 15, 2019 by No Comments

“When it comes to car maintenance and repairs, there is some basic stuff that we can do ourselves, but most of us will eventually have to take it to a mechanic. A lot of mechanics are honest workers who charge you fairly, but there are some who look to take advantage of our inexperience when it comes to cars. Here are a few common scams that you can avoid if you inform yourself properly.
1. Replacing spark plugs
Changing the spark plugs is a scam that works in most cases because a lot of us can remember the days when a spark plug lasted for a very short while. However, times have changed and their quality has improved considerably. The lifespan of a spark plug can go for tens of thousands of miles so be a little apprehensive whenever a mechanic tells you that it is time to replace them.

2. Replacing air filters
The same scenario for the spark plugs also applies for air filters. Indeed, these air filters need to be changed from time to time in order to keep your car running smooth, but a mechanic might be a bit premature when it comes to changing them. The best thing to do in this case is simply to look at them and see for yourself how dirty they really are.

3. Recharging the air conditioning
The AC system is something that most of us won’t dare go near in a car. However, you might find your mechanic telling you that it is about time to recharge the unit if you want it to work at maximum efficiency. If you haven’t noticed the AC working poorly, then chances are that it is too early to consider this move.

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