A Guide to Claiming for a Road Traffic Accident

November 15, 2018 by No Comments

Individuals who have been involved in road accidents and know that someone else was responsible for causing the accident should claim for compensation as soon as possible. However, to ensure that they get the compensation they deserve they must follow a few guidelines when filing their road traffic accident claims. The section below will inform you about the basic guidelines one must follow when claiming for a road accident.

As soon as the accident occurs, the victim must contact the police. If the victim is not in the state of calling the police, he/she should request an onlooker to make the call on his/her behalf. Doing this is extremely important as police records often act as valuable evidence and can help the victim in winning the case.

The next, thing the victim should do is seeking medical attention. While getting immediate medical attention will ensure that any injury suffered by the victim is treated before turning too serious it is also a way of gathering important evidence. Medical reports, bills and prescriptions are often used to prove the severity of injuries the accident caused. In addition, if the accident forces the victim to stay out of work, the above mentioned documents will assist him/her to make a claim for lost income.

You should not forget to note down the contact information of the responsible party. Some information that you will need include details of his/her (the responsible party’s) vehicle registration, driver’s license and insurance. The more will be the number of facts you can gather the easier it will become for you to sue him/her.

In today’s time, it is unlikely that a person does not have a mobile equipped with a camera. When an accident takes place, you should never forget to make use of that camera to take pictures of the accident site. Also, take pictures of your injuries and damages caused to the vehicle. If your injury stops you from taking photos, request a passerby or onlooker to take picture on your behalf. The final advice you should follow is seeking assistance from a qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor.