6 Popular HDR Background Options to Make Your Vehicle Photos Captivating

January 13, 2022 by No Comments

Selling a vehicle online is challenging. You have to ensure that the image is attractive enough once potential buyers see the vehicles. One of the tricks is by adding an attractive HDR background that supports the car photos. Check the photo background alternative below before going to a specific service, such as Maground.

Green Trees and Grass 

Green trees and grass are the most popular backgrounds when photographers take a picture of a vehicle. It seems that the background supports the atmosphere of the photos. The background may build the imagination of those who see the images.

They often wonder about the sensation of driving the vehicle on the road similar to the background. This sensation often leads potential buyers to buy vehicles for sale online. You can consider editing the background using green trees and grass if it is impossible to bring the vehicle to such kind of location.


Indeed, you will always see some vehicle photos with buildings as the background. It is another popular background for automotive photos. Most photographers use building backgrounds for sporty and modern vehicles. This background makes the vehicle look cool to see. Indeed, it seems that those who see the photos will build their imagination due to the atmosphere.

Early in the Morning or Late Day 

Photographers can also use an HDR background with an early in the morning or late day atmosphere. The background looks so fantastic. It is effective enough to show the detail of the vehicles. You can also bring the ambient light a few minutes before sunrise or after sunset. The photos look satisfying to see and potential buyers may have an intention to buy the car.

Parking Garages 

Using parking garage backgrounds looks fit for any vehicle. It seems like the habitat of the vehicle. The problem is that it seems hard to find the best time. Most parking garages are crowded and it may disturb the result of the photos.

Indeed, it doesn’t mean that you have to cancel the plan. Find the best parking garage background from a reputable website, such as Maground, and edit the image. That’s it! You are ready to launch the photos and let the photos attract buyers.


Capturing vehicles in front of the cityscape looks classic, but it is always effective to create an attractive car photo. This background will make the photos look more artistic and aesthetic to see. The result looks different and captivating those who see it, especially your potential buyers.


Use a gravel background to create a clean and simple, yet attractive vehicle photo. This trick seems to show the power and ability of the car in the area. People often think that the vehicle is powerful and durable by only seeing the image.

So, ensure that you choose the right background to make your vehicle photos look inviting. Let a professional HDR background provider helps you. Then, you can edit everything and see how people react to your photos and how well the photos invite potential buyers.